Controls: hold right click to aim and left click to shoot.

This game was made in 15hrs for the libGDX 15 jam of December 2020 by Raeleus(programming and mechanics) and DragunQween(creative design).

Enter into the DragunQween's dreamworld where she's popping off members of the libGDX community. Do you have what it takes to find your man?  Get them, get them all!

And please do take a moment to play the other jam submissions :)


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I didn't think I'd be shooting discord members in a game today, but here we are :P

This is actually a very well made game, and I really like the voice acting :D

hahaha this is crazy :D I'm just curious, couldn't make it until the end yet but i will keep playing. I just saw my avatar running around :D hahahaha
Cheers :)

I tried to include everyone I could. No two playthroughs would be exactly the same!

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yeah i recognized it keeps changing. this one is really very funny and the game itself is actually cool. i remember i was playing a flash game of sniper in the past it reminded me that one. thumbs up ✌😀

Good job again! I discovered that La Femme Dragonne needed to shoot some developer to have a nice sleep. Raeleus definitely has a dangerous life... 

So good. The fact that you can make good games with so little time is amazing. Music is fire also :o

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MMmmmuah! Another masterpiece!  it's as much replayable as big your curiosity, thank you for the fun <3

PS: Keep the cool intros up! It's inspiring me more and more each time :D

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Sexy pumpkin lady that called me  sexy,    And I have no idea who John is.

I just started shooting them all! Nice work! Sound, animation, music , excellent game!

Didn't read instructions, clicked all buttons, couldn't do anything, read instructions, need to use right click, using a mac so this doesn't work, gave up.

10/10 would fail to play again

I absolutely love that I can finally murder these discord members, it's exactly what I wanted this year. Merry Christmas!