My first Massively Multiplayer, Dungeon Crawler, Roguelike, Turn-Based, Asynchronous, Early-Access, Steam-Deck Compatible, Casual, Pixel-Powered, Minimalist, UI-Oriented, Procedural Generated, Text Adventure, Role Playing Game. A MMDCRTBAEASDCCPPMUIOPGTARPG.

Made for the libGDX Jam of March 2023 with the theme "Pixel Wars". Inspired by Monster's Den: Book of Dread. I cheated and spent an extra week fixing crash bugs and adding missing features. Enjoy!

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GenreRole Playing
TagsDungeon Crawler, Multiplayer, Roguelike, Tactical RPG


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Nooo!!! I got stuck! Love the concept, just missing the amazing "zebra" style graphics? Justice Buddies 2 in the works?

Thanks for playing. Do you remember how you got stuck? I plan on making a full Justice Buddies game someday since this one turned out not bad.


I remember the mobile Java game I played around 2008, which I enjoyed a lot, it was a Garfield themed game. similar logic (turn based strategy I guess).

good game, and your intros are always genius :)


I agree with @Rondeo, a lot of potential here. Very interesting mechanics. Fighting anything other than fruits got me killed however. I like fruit.


Fun game, I've almost add a orrange rectangle to map, but every time I figth 2 enemies game stop working after killing one.


Name-based powers is cool, the enemy, skill, and class variety are great, but the constant game-breaking bugs are not-so-great.  I will try again when it is more finished, hopefully :)

For anyone trying to tough it out, you need to never kill enemies in multi-enemy fights such that a dead enemy would get a turn, or the game will freeze.  Consequently, I strongly suggest you choose a ranged class.  Also some enemy skills freeze the game when used, so try to stun them first if you can and it's a type of enemy that freezes things that way (e.g. pickpockets, other enemies with the 'grapple' skill)

Way better now! Also I love that the White Slime Royalty's summons are now permanent XD that is super cool!

Thank you very much and I'm glad you noticed that about the slime. I was thinking deep strategy where you'd take risks to make a goopicide squad and HP is basically your currency. Sadly the game is too unbalanced for anything like that to be effective

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This game is awesome!!! This game has a huge potential. I got a stuck in the middle of the fight XD but I'm sure you'll fix it. Good Job! <3