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And james sayed my game may be violent... :). Great intro as usual.  The animation is cool too.

Love me some minesweeper - however I got stuck at saeleus the game cause I kept trying to reproduce the intro :D

The text is a bit hard to read (at least on my computer it's tiny)

uæ : S
this is kinda screwed up > .<'

This was great. I loved all the punishment scenes. I will admit, I did not finish it yet. I'll keep trying but I'm just awful at minesweeper. It's my big gaming sin. I'll have to wait for the jam review to see the ending. lol

Way more addictive than I expected! I love it!  


Thank you so much for taking the time to review!

Another masterpiece by Raeleus

That means a lot coming from a master like you! Thanks.