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I just wasted all of my parent's money

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Bought ultimate pack, got a bunch of 'Brazen Bear's
10/10 would spend all my life savings on buying more brazen bears!
This game is a pretty accurate representation of card trading games nowadays :D thanks a lot for that, was fun



Had a few laughs playing this, thank you!


I want a refund


Please, make a downloadable version for PC.


Ehhh, Balance is little off. Raw Rabbit definitely needs a buff next season, mana cost way too high. Also, Ferocious Zebra... 10 mana? yea...  that sounds fair.


Well, this is awkward. This game has the rating option turned on but it's a submission for a game jam about bad games. So, do I rate it high depending on how bad it is or do you want a whole lot of 1 stars? I'm leaving it be.

for next GBTK jams, know that the worst a game is the higher you should rate :)


Such a tactical and strategical game with lots of synergies and cards to explore. It's rare to come across hidden gems like this!


Phenomenal job as usual! Extremely accurately depicts the digital TCG/CCG games, while you yourself has crafted an in-depth tactical experience!

I drew many many figure 8's... and was only mildly disappointed ;p


wow that is really cool