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Didn't run on my both chrome and firefox browsers. But works flawless in the desktop edition. I love this game. You made my dreams come true by making a Street Fighter style fighting game with libgdx. Big respect and thanks :)
This a game to play forever

Just incredible! I have spent lot of hours on it! There are some bugs but there are very fun. Keep it up!

Yea this is awesome! Nice work!

Thank you very much for playing and participating in the jam!

You did it again! Impressive as always. A very well made thing, I loved all the moving backgrounds too. Can't believe you actually pulled this off in a week! Runs very smooth, it even has couch co-op. Nice job!

My favourite character is the Peanut Panda.

Hah hah. Glad we could do you justice. I modeled your move set after King K. Rool, if you're a fan of Smash.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I feel it...! The Effort....! is so..... much ...!!! IT HURTS!!! damn you for making this masterpiece I can't stop smiling asdlkfjalkfgrgñoinfg


Perfect feedback. Thanks partner!

Absolutely amazing! Played it a bunch with friends over parsec and we loved it!

Wonderful job! :D

Great and glad to hear it works on Parsec. I can't wait to play my own game lol

 A LibGDX Smash clone in under a week for the Jam?  Amazing work once again, oh Lord of the Skin Composer!

Thanks for playing Bob!