Arrow Keys to move, Z to shoot. UHHHHHHHH, don't try to change the controls.

I, the renowned developer Raeleus, undefeated champion of libGDX jam, and leader of the free world, have created a game. A game of great magnitude and serious consequence to your daily life. I was joined in the journey by my good friend and Artist Extraordinaire, Raseya. This is when things tourned sour...

The way it was supposed to go was that Raseya made her excellent pixel art and I followed up with my superior programming technique. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and I prepared for a serious first person shooter with a real time auction house and massively multiplayer RPG elements including exploitation, counter-surveillance, and extreme prejudice. As I watched in horror, she went on stream and created some obscene artwork unfit for my genre. MY GENRE! The audacity. See the video evidence here.

As you can see, she sensed my frustration with her approach and took to drinking. With every new piece, she further drove herself into drunken stupor. By the end of this charade, she completely gave up on me and retired to playing Dark Souls where she defeated The Great Wolf Sif three times with a soul level 0 character. This audacious event only furthered my rage.

I transformed that rage into something more useful. Something... profound. I entered a mode of extreme discipline and focus. Call it the zone, if you will. Only a scant few can relate to this level of enlightenment. I made that game. I made that game hard. And with my final master stroke, I penned this harrowing tale. See the evidence here and here.

Raseya sobered up and told me what kind of bastard I really am. Small, weak. A has-been. A flunky. A total jerk loser. Brought back to the reality of the situation (the adrenaline pills wearing off at this point), I realized a grave mistake. Have I made a game? Or have I made an experience unlike any that has been experienced by man from time immemorial to the present? This is a power that should not be shared. I am an outright fool to have assumed I had the right. Like Prometheus and the flame, I have been cast out. Alone. I fear that Raseya will never speak to me again, for she knows I have unleashed Pandora's curse whose terror is wrought upon us all.

Forgive me. Forgive me. I am a sinner. I have sinned against man. I have betrayed my nation and the people I hold dear to me. And with this admission, I step back into the darkness. Remember me, but only as a cautionary tale. Tell your children to forsake their dreams: they are damned.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Authorsraeleus, Raseya
Tagsgame-breakers-toolkit-jam, gbtk

Install instructions

The downloadable version requires the latest Java (JDK11 or greater).


HardR-JDK11.jar 14 MB


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Nice SFX and art work!


"it's game design, b****"


Is this game ASMR :o