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che a veces no se ve el enemigo... pero sigue siendo good



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Good game, I didn’t catch the mechanic at first but after some death, Game is simple but fun. Well done.

Great concept. The mechanics were very simple, but still managed to be fun. Hear monster? See monster? Flashlight! Away with you! The monsters themselves looked pretty rad, I enjoyed the spooky screech of the white one.
I do wish there was a timer or scoring element, that way I could compare my progress on different runs. But I'll blame that on one the programmer, he probably got lazy. 

Excellent design!
Simple yet effective at conveying the claustrophobic horror of darkness.
I especially liked the dreaded feeling I got looking around for new monsters. Kinda like going to therapy!
(the top stair monster was a bit hard to see though)

Whoever assisted this young game developer mastermind also deserves praise < 3

I can tell, however, by the apparent 'programming' that this was done by someone lacking in the enthusiasm department... still ok.

9/10 scary monsters, would recommend.

thank you for the comment!  I had a lot of fun making it!