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Great game! I enjoyed the voiceovers, and mix of video and drawings. Only wish there was a save button because I keep dying.

Aww thanks for the feedback. Saving is a pain point for my engine

I see. Maybe you could add a feature to go back? For example when the character dies, you have two options: 'Restart game' or 'Rewind one step'. Just a suggestion if you wish to edit or make another cool game like this in the future.



Well done!! Perfectly executed as usual.


It is well done, I only died like 5 times.

This was pretty Great. Also, the VTOL throwback you snuck in there was awesome to see.

What a blast, very well done! :D

Great submissions, as usual!


Wow! Your house is a space-ship!

A very well-written adventure game that is fun to play, worth the price of admission. I hope to see more of this young and promising creator in the future.